Chatham County's new Motto - Videri quam Esse"

North Carolina's State Motto is "Esse quam Videri" which means "To be, rather than to seem". Our commissioners must have read it backwards, because they have embraced the motto of "To seem, rather to be"

After watching the videos of last few meetings I’ve noticed a disturbing trend. Commissioners Howard and Hales tend to make statements and motions publically to placate a crowd then in following meetings when few are in attendance reverse these statements or actions.

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We are saved! Chatham establishes Climate Change Committee

images-4.jpgSince the 2014 election almost 90% of all items before the commissioners are on the consent agenda and are passed with no discussion or public input. So I figure when a topic does manage to be on the agenda for discussion, it must be really really important.

John Graybeal, Sonny Keisler, and other helpful citizens have been meeting to strategize on how to save the world from global warming. On September 21st they made a proposal to a receptive board of commissioners. Mr. Graybeal refers several times to the members of the new committee as "co-conspirators". I couldn't have used a better word.

imgres-10.jpgMr. Graybeal told the commissioners that the committee would make recommendations to the board regarding "likely climate change impacts in Chatham County and ways to mitigate these impacts". Graybeal stated the committee would make specific recommendations that would include; Reducing Chatham County's carbon footprint, study carbon neutral policies, Chatham owned energy-efficient vehicles, and Solar panels on county buildings. Graybeal hopes to have these recommendations ready for the board in six months (march).

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Abuse of Power in Pittsboro

revere.jpegThe July 20th meeting of the BOC was another lesson in disrespect and disdain, and as usual the interesting moments weren't on the agenda.

Commissioner Hales wants to use the power of her office to force a long-time business out of the county. Just before the end of the meeting Hales asked: "Is there any rationale that would allow the county to disallow ST Wooten to operate? I'm asking".  "Could we send a letter to DOT requesting that the State buy asphalt from sources other than ST Wooten?  umm I'm just asking". The other commissioners didn't say anything by the county manager stated "from the standpoint of staff; we've never been asked to interfere with commerce before".  With commissioners willing to entertain such an idea, I might look elsewhere if I was considering opening a business in Chatham (on say a megasite near Siler City).

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What are they thinking?

 images-4.jpgIn reading the agenda for the June 15th BOC meeting you couldn’t have known the significant items that were to be approved.  Even if you don’t care about these specific items, you should notice how underhanded these new commissioners are. Not only are they cramming most items on the consent agenda, they don’t bother putting important issues on the agenda at all! Hales and Howard are hiding their schemes from us AND other commissioners.

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6 Months of Hypocrisy


Since CCEC has stopped providing their summaries of Commissioner activities, we will take on the task. We are Chatham Citizens Searching for Honest Progressives.

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