Chatham County News Letter Volume 2 Edition 11

Volume 2, Edition 11 – October 11, 2017

Chatham County GOP

Welcome to this year’s 11th edition of your Chatham County GOP Newsletter. As always, we hope you are enjoying our publication. If you have any thoughts on how to make it more relevant to you, please let us know, and share this with your friends and neighbors!

Our thoughts go out to the victims and their families of the senseless and tragic shooting in Las Vegas. Please keep them all in your prayers. Please also keep the United States of America in your prayers in this time of greatly divided politics.

Local News

For a complete list of Chatham County GOP events, visit our calendar page. Put November 7th on your calendar if you are in one of the Chatham County municipalities with elections this fall.

It’s Christmas! At least, it is time to start planning for the holidays. The Chatham GOP Christmas Party will be on December 5th. Watch our Facebook page or read our next newsletter for more details and to make reservations.

Circle this date on your calendar: March 24, 2018 for our Reagan Day Dinner.


This November will see elections for mayor and council members in Pittsboro and Siler City. The voter registration deadline is November 13. Get information on voter registration at this website. John Grimes is the Republican Mayor of Siler City, and is running for re-election. Please give him your support.

Chatham County Commissioners

Here is a summary of the County Commissioner’s meeting from September 18.

State and National

The US Territory of Puerto Rico needs our support, financially and with our prayers. After being devastated by Hurricane Maria, the island faces long-term power outages. Some people do not recognize that residents of Puerto Rico are US citizens, so be sure to pass that bit of information along. Open your hearts and wallets for disaster relief following the terrible weather so far this fall in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico.

The world situation also remains concerning, including North Korea, Iran, and other world hotspots. Remain involved with the political process and stay ready in your own homes and businesses for whatever might come our way. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has a good checklist to make sure you are ready for a disaster.


The U.S. Senate started to work on repealing Obamacare, but were stopped with a lack of full GOP support in the Senate. President Trump plants to try again in the spring.

Remember, our Senators and Congressional Representatives work for us. You can see all of their votes this session at these links:

Senate votes
House votes

Chairman’s Corner

We are now in the time of the year where we need Republicans and like minded unaffiliated voters to set up and consider running for office. Being an off year, 2018 is a Blue Moon Election; it is also important that we have a really good voter turn out. Winning in these elections is important to determine the future of Chatham County.

There are races for the Board of Commissioners, the Board of Education, a State Senate Seat, a State House of Representives seat. While these are the major contests, there are other races to consider. If you are interested in running for one of these races, please contact me.

The 2017 Municipal Elections are almost upon us. If you live in Siler City … don’t forget to come out and vote for John Grimes. He is the incumbent and has done a great job and deserves your vote.

To those of you who were able to come to our fall event, thank you. Thank you for coming and thank you for your support. It was great to be able to celebrate the work Walter Petty has done as our County Commissioner.

Please also save the date for our annual Christmas Party. It will be on December 5th at a location to be announced soon.

See you around the county …

John Palermo
Chair, Chatham County Republican Party
Email me!
Call me at: (919) 533–6215


The Chatham County GOP is an all-volunteer organization of your neighbors who are interested in smaller and more effective government that follows conservative principles. We need your help! Please consider where you can assist: fundraising, organizing and running events, meeting voters, writing articles and designing graphics, managing databases, and many more opportunities. To volunteer, sign up here.

Stay Informed!

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