Chatham County GOP Newsletter 2-10

Volume 2, Edition 10 – September 23, 2017

Chatham County GOP

Welcome to this year’s 10th edition of your Chatham County GOP Newsletter. As always, we hope you are enjoying our publication. If you have any thoughts on how to make it more relevant to you, please let us know, and share this with your friends and neighbors!

Local News

Interested in dancing to big band music? Come to the Chatham County GOP Fall Event!. Listen to the jazz sounds of The Ambassadors, and help us celebrate our Person of the Year award. The event is October 3 from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM at The Barn in Fearrington. For details and to register, visit our web page.

What should we be doing in the heat of late September? Planning a Christmas Party! More details to follow. Mark your calendar for December 5.

For a complete list of Chatham County GOP events, visit our calendar page.

Chatham County Commissioners Someone said all politics is local. Keep up with how our Chatham County Commissioners are spending your money. Sign up to receive an email of pending meetings and their agenda, including those resolutions that come from various community organizations. If you can’t attend commissioner’s meetings, keep track by reading the meeting minutes.

One of our Chatham GOP board members spoke at the most recent meeting. Those remarks are below:

I’m Terri Tyson and I’m speaking on Briar Chapel. I moved to Briar Chapel this past May from Chapel Hill and Orange County and have enjoyed living there. Newland has done a really good job developing Briar Chapel, and should be allowed to increase the number of residences, as requested. They have included many features that developers are often asked to include when creating a community and recently were cited as one of the best new neighborhoods nationally. Any dire consequences of adding to the total, I believe, is exaggerated. Let’s share! This will allow more families the opportunity to live in a nice neighborhood. The new elementary school will make Briar Chapel and nearby neighborhoods even better places to live. Briar Chapel has lots of trails and green space and good neighborhood amenities, and more families should get to share them. Newland and the excellent builders they work with should be allowed to keep doing the great job they have been doing, and so the expansion request should be granted.

State and National

Redistricting. In July this year, the NC General Assembly was ordered by a District Court to redraw portions of the district plans for the North Carolina State House and State Senate. New district plans have been submitted to the court for review. You can view the Senate redistricting plan here and the House redistricting plan here. Under these plans, Chatham County will be in Senate District 23 along with Orange County, and will be in House District 54.

Congress. Congress has returned from recess and has several major issues to address: health care, the budget and debt ceiling, military spending, international trade agreements, domestic issues, and so on. As these items come before your representatives, make sure to let your elected officials know your opinions. Our elected officials work for us!

Korea. The crisis on the Korean peninsula seems to be heating up again. Sixty-four years ago the Armistice ending the Korean War took effect, but no peace treaty has every been concluded. Our hope and prayers are that diplomacy will bring an end to the threats coming from the North Korean dictator. The recent speech by President Trump to the United Nations laid out his policy regarding North Korea and other world issues. Don’t just believe what you hear about his amazing speech; read the transcript for yourself.

Hurricanes. This has been a horrific hurricane season, and we are only half-way through. Many of our fellow countrymen have suffered extensive losses. Contribute what you can to hurricane relief, and give generously.

Chairman’s Corner

We have been busy … as always … lots going on …

Nationally Tax reform is being discussed, which is good for all Americans, and the debate on Health Care is back in the forefront. Lets hope both make headway and positive change occurs in 2017.

We have our Fall Event on Oct 3rd, and hope you can come. We are honoring Walter Petty as our Person of the Year, and the Ambassadors will be playing lots of Jazz for us. Check out our web page for more information. This is a great time to come out and show your support for Walter, and hear some really great jazz.

The fall also brings elections at a municipal level and 2017 is no different. In Siler City for example, please come out and Vote for John Grimes who is running for re-election as Mayor. John has done a great job, and deserves our support. John will also be a speaker at our Fall Event, as will Barbara Jackson, NC Supreme Court Justice who is also running for re-election.

We will have our Annual CCGOP Christmas Party. This year it will be on Tuesday, Dec 5th. Please save the date on your calendar.

We have also had three Big hurricanes hit the US. Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Its been a busy Hurricane season. Our hearts go out to those who have been effected. They will all need our help with donations to rebuild whats been lost thru the storms. We hope you can see your way to reaching out and helping.

Hope to see you around the county,

John Palermo
Chair, Chatham County Republican Party
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Call me at: (919) 533–6215


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