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Welcome to the 6th edition of your Chatham County GOP Newsletter. As always, we hope you are enjoying this publication. If you have any thoughts on how to make it more relevant to you, please let us know, and share this with your friends and neighbors!


Local News

The June Chatham GOP Executive Committee meeting is June 13, 2017.

The next Chatham County Commissioners Meeting is May 19 at 6:00 PM at the Historic Courthouse in Pittsboro.

Mark your calendar for the GOP Barbeque at the Silk Hope Community Center on June 10, from 4 to 6 PM. Plan on meeting Commissioner Walter Petty and perhaps a special guest. For more details and to reserve a ticket, click here. Sponsorships are available! Only limited tickets will be available at the door, so please RSVP early.

We post a list of GOP events across Chatham County on our calendar page. Please contact us if you have information to be posted about your event. 

May is Hurricane Awareness Month. Are you prepared? Chatham County experienced two hurricanes in 2016. Check out this information and get your preparations ready now for 2017.

State Convention

The 2017 North Carolina State GOP convention is June 2 through 4 in Wilmington. Register now and don’t miss it!. Kellyanne Conway and Lara Trump are featured speakers, so get your tickets early!

State and National

NC Budget. The NC State senate has submitted their draft budget. For those of you who like the details, the budget bill is here. A summary budget is here.  In a nutshell, the budget adds money to the rainy day fund, increases teacher salary an average of four percent, modifies policy regarding Medicaid reform and tax impacts to counties, and establishes new departments of Military and Veterans Affairs, and Information Technology. The budget now enters negotiation between the previously-submitted House draft budget and this Senate draft budget.

The US House narrowly approved the revised American Health Care Act to replace Obamacare by a vote of 217-213, with no Democrats voting aye. In an amazing show of immaturity, House Democrats broke into song (!) after passage of the bill.

President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey on May 9. Recall that Comey initially gave a scathing testimony against candidate Clinton, then did not recommend indictment, then announced finding more evidence, then ‘sorry, just kidding’, then gave erroneous testimony to Congress last week. Democrats in Congress who screamed for Comey’s head in the fall now are screaming that the President fired him. 

Chairman’s Corner

You may have heard me talk about the Blue Moon 2018 Mid Term elections.  There is no Presidential or Senate Candidate at the top of the ticket; neither do we have a Governor or Lt Governor race.  Here in Chatham County the top of our ticket will be the 6th District congressional race, followed by local races for Commissioner and the Board of Elections.  There will also be state house and state senate elections.

Some might argue that this upcoming election is very important for those living in Chatham County due to the three races for Commissioner and Board of elections. We agree and are beginning our preparations now.

We need two things from Republicans and like minded unaffiliated voters: volunteer time and donations to fund the effort to support the local elections. 

In terms of volunteers, we need people who want to help our efforts to resonate with voters  beginning now:

  • Staffing for the precincts which we are now organizing
  • Working on our committees, such as:
    • The Executive Team
    • Fundraising & Events
    • Engaging the Community
    • Outreach
    • Social Media
    • Helping gather emails and share our message on Facebook (one way we can reach out to our supporters)
    • Helping make phone calls
    • Joining our Precinct Chairs and participating on walks to reach friends and deliver materials
  • Working on preparations to staff the GOP office and 2018 Election year staffing (later on in 2017 and early 2018)

We also need your support in raising money.  You can do this several ways:

  • Attend one of our events, engage with the executive team, and our speakers
  • Donate to the Party directly on our website (We are putting up new donate buttons so you can donate to 2018 campaigns and 2020 campaigns separately)
  • Passing along on our message to your friends.

As you all know, we are an organization that depends on volunteers.  We have enjoyed much support from the folks in Chatham County in the past, and are hoping your great support continues as we move forward to 2018 and 2020.

If you have any thoughts, please reach out to me at  JVPALERMO@GMAIL.COM.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Hope to see you around the county,


John Palermo
Chair Chatham County Republican Party
Email me!
Call me at: 919 533 6215


The Chatham County GOP is an all-volunteer organization of your neighbors who are interested in smaller and more effective government that follows conservative principles. We need your help! Please consider where you can assist: fundraising, organizing and running events, meeting voters, writing articles and designing graphics, managing databases, and many more opportunities. To volunteer, sign up here.

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