Chatham County Republican Platform

The solution is you –The CCGOP recognizes and believes the most important solutions to Chatham County challenges are local and not found in Raleigh and Washington.

CCGOP believes in

  • Fostering private sector job creation
    • Align county resources to support a pro-jobs, pro-growth environment
    • Support existing businesses and attract new businesses through a competitive tax structure and reasonable regulations
  • Championing education excellence with policies that put students first
    • Insist upon a “student success” focus from our school leaders
    • Engage parents in education solutions
    • Promote school choice via charter and private school expansion
    • Leverage the community college system so that students have the skill sets to compete in today’s marketplace and for advancing in higher education
  • Balancing environmental stewardship with individual property rights and economic growth
    • Act as good stewards of Chatham’s natural resources while respecting its citizens, their personal liberty, their property rights and their basic responsibility to provide for themselves and their families
    • Make decisions based upon sound science and objective evidence
  • Holding elected officials accountable to Chatham County residents
    • Keep their election promises for a pro-jobs, pro-growth, pro-business County economy
    • Manage taxpayers’ dollars responsibly and with fiscal prudence

The North Carolina Republican Party Platform can be found here.


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