Cross-country travel

I recently drove from North Carolina to Kansas on family business. Along the drive there were a lot of signs about the upcoming presidential election - and, except for one Biden bumper sticker beneath a Hillary bumper sticker on an old Volvo, the enthusiasm was all for re-electing President Trump. I guess that shows the national news networks may have it wrong on who is leading in the hearts of the electorate. It was also great to see all the American flags along Highway 64 (unfortunately only once you get out of Chatham County).

We observed some people wearing masks, but a lot more not wearing masks. In the Kansas county we visited almost no one was scared of the coronavirus, AND there have been zero cases of COVID-19.

Businesses are hurting because of shutdowns. My favorite Steak-n-Shake along the highway in St. Louis is closed permanently, and grass is growing in the sidewalk. Stores may never reopen. Hotels along the way seemed to be staying open but with much less business. Take-out fast food seems to be the rule, although the only restaurant in the town we visited was doing a booming sit-down business.

I think if you are concerned about the coronavirus for whatever reason, then stay home and try to stay safe. There is no absolute safety in life, though. Otherwise, take prudent precautions and lets get the country back in business.

Opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the Chatham County Republican Party official position.

  • Terry Schmidt
    published this page in Chairmans Notes 2020-07-02 09:22:38 -0400