Independence Day 2020

Happy Independence Day 2020!

This weekend we remember the 244th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. May everyone have a safe and enjoyable holiday.
If you have not yet watched President Trump's speech at Mt. Rushmore, you must do so. It may be the best speech he has given, both in content and presentation. To see it in full go to this link
From his speech:
"It is time for our politicians to summon the bravery and determination of our American ancestors...we must protect and preserve our history, our heritage, and our great heroes. Here tonight before the eyes of our forefathers, Americans declare again, as we did 244 years ago, that we will not be tyrannized, we will not be demeaned, and we will not be intimidated by bad, evil people."
In just 120 days we will elect the next President of the United States. Here in Chatham County we will also elect a Governor, Cabinet of State, Supreme Court and other justices, county commissioners and school board members. This election will, like all elections, determine the fate of our country, our lives, and those of our descendants. There is a clear difference between conservative and constitutional government and that of the socialists, leftists, and anarchists who would destroy the system of government for which so many have fought and died, and for which we owe our gratitude. 
Americans could once be defined as a nation of people who held Liberty to be more important than their own lives.  Those Americans pledged their Lives, Fortunes and Sacred Honor to achieve Liberty, or to die in the attempt.  Not for their own sake, but for the sake of their posterity. We who now dare to call ourselves Americans have big shoes to fill.
I'm asking of you a few things.
First, if you are not registered to vote, do so now. Right now! Go to
Second, everyone should request an absentee ballot. We cannot predict how conditions in October and November will impact your ability to vote. One can always choose vote in person, but one cannot vote by absentee if that request has not been made. You do not have to vote absentee even if you have an absentee ballot, but that gives you an opportunity to do so. Then learn about the candidates and make your selections. Here is a link for more information about the candidates. Do not let yourself be unable to vote this fall.
Third, please consider how you can help. We need volunteers to work in our campaign headquarters, to make phone calls, to knock on doors, to assist outside voting locations, to observe ballot counting, to write letters, to provide advice, to donate funds, to speak with their neighbors. We need to be brave in the face of adversity, especially here in our home county. If you are able to volunteer time or funds, please let us know at or email me at [email protected].
Lastly, pray for our Country, for our Leaders, for our military, and for our law enforcement officers. 
Terry Schmidt
  Chair, Chatham County Republican Party

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