NCGOP Convention 2021

NCGOP Convention

The state convention last weekend in Greenville NC had the largest attendance ever - over 1,300 delegates from across the state gathered together as like-minded conservative patriots. We heard great speeches, from NC Council of State elected officials, to Chief Justice Paul Newby, to Clarence Henderson from the Frederick Douglass Foundation. The highlight presentations were from our outstanding Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson, from South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, and from President Trump at the Saturday evening diner. (Click the links to view the speeches.) We also heard from the six candidates running for US Senate: Jen Banwart, Marty Cooke, Kenneth Harper, Ted Budd, Mark Walker, and Pat McCrory. You may have heard that President Trump endorsed Ted Budd; as a Republican Party we will not endorse any candidates until after the Primary elections, so may the best person win your vote in the primaries.

State Chair Michael Whatley was re-elected by acclamation. In a close vote, Susan Mills was elected our new Vice Chair. The State GOP is in competent hands with these two leaders.

Chatham GOP Headquarters

We did it - the new Chatham Republican Party Headquarters is at 189-B Thompson Street in Pittsboro. Our Grand Opening will be July 4 from 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM (the same time as the Summerfest in downtown Pittsboro). Please plan on stopping by to visit. More details to follow.

BUT, with a new headquarters comes new needs. We need your support to help keep the doors open and the lights on. Consider donating a small recurring monthly amount at this link to help us continue to support conservative causes and candidates in Chatham County:

Sportsmen's Banquet Fundraiser

Each year the State Republican Party holds a Sportsmen's Banquet and Gun Raffle. Details are coming for the banquet on October 9, but you can get involved with the raffle now. Here is a list of the 21 guns to be raffled. Tickets are available at our Chatham GOP headquarters or with several of the executive committee members. If you would like a raffle ticket, stop by the HQ or send and email to me at [email protected] and we can work that. All proceeds go towards the Judicial Victory Fund which was so successful in electing conservative judges in 2020. In 2022 we have the opportunity for a conservative majority on the North Carolina Supreme Court, so please consider helping out this worthy cause.

Questions about the Nation

Do you think the country is better off or worse off in the last five months under the Biden administration? Are the borders more secure? Are more people employed? Is the economy in better shape? Are we more energy independent? Does the international community view us as stronger and more capable? Are prices going down or up? How about respect for institutions like law enforcement or the Church? Are cities safer? Have we found origins of the coronavirus? Are race relations getting better? Has the national debt gone down? Are our computer networks more secure? Is speech freer? Are race relations better? Do big corporations still censor media posts? Do you feel that the country is becoming more or less cohesive?

I know my answers to those questions, and the answers make me concerned about our nation's future.

What can you do? Get involved.

Registering to vote is a given - you are expected to do that as an American citizen. You must do more: talk politics with neighbors (don't be afraid!); volunteer with political parties; speak your values at church; volunteer your time, your dollars, or both to your political party; write letters to the newspapers and to your elected representatives; take a position on the Chatham Chatlist; most of all, consider running for office. We need great people for the Chatham County Board of Education and the Chatham County Commissioners offices. Interested? Let me know at [email protected].

This is the time and place to stand for our Nation.

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. ― Plato

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