Immoral Mondays

Republicans –

It is about time the truth comes out about Moral Mondays and why they are really trying to overturn North Carolina's voter ID law in court.

images-5.jpgToday, we're launching, a new website which exposes who is really behind this so-called 'movement' and the lawsuits challenging our common sense voter ID law. Be one of the first to see it by clicking here.

The truth is that the big out-of-state labor unions have been bankrolling Moral Mondays for years and paying for attacks against Governor McCrory and GOP-led policies. Last year, the leader of Moral Mondays even pocketed $20k from the big unions while pushing their agenda!


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William Barber Pockets Big Union Cash

Moral Monday Lead Organizer William Barber Pockets Big Union Cash

Raleigh, N.C. – Today, as Democrat House Minority Leader Larry Hall stood with the leader of Moral Mondays at the General Assembly for a press conference, the North Carolina Republican Party exposed direct payments from some of the largest labor unions in the country to the lead organizer of Moral Mondays, Rev. William Barber.

In 2014, records show that William Barber directly pocketed at least $20,000 in payments from labor unions while he was images-6.jpgorganizing MoralMonday protests of GOP-led policies in North Carolina. In addition, one of the lead groups backing Moral Mondays, ‘Action NC,’ received at least $1.12 million from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) in 2014.

“For the groups and individuals who say they advocate for the state’s poor and disadvantaged to simultaneously pocket millions from the nation’s largest labor unions is the height of hypocrisy,” said NCGOP Executive Director Todd Poole. “These payments are further proof that the Roy Cooper-Moral Monday-Democrat Party agenda is a front to expand the power and influence of unions and liberal special interest groups in North Carolina and bring our state back to the days of high taxes and big government.”


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Chairmans comments on Hillary's upcoming visit to NC

We Found Hillary Clinton’s Server!

Raleigh, N.C. – Today, upon news Hillary Clinton is visiting Raleigh this month, the North Carolina Republican Party announced it has located Hillary Clinton’s elusive private email server. Turns out, it was hidden in North Carolina Democrat Attorney General Roy Cooper’s basement all along, next to the 14 years of public records the attorney general refuses to turn over to the North Carolina Republican Party regarding his record as attorney general.

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