Why Republicans should early vote?

I personally am not the biggest fan of early voting, of election season, as we call it now. But the reality is, it's here and in a lot of places it may be here to stay. So, until things change in the states prospectively, we must be playing the same game that the Democrats are playing in order to win.

Members of the GOP mostly have themselves to blame for the growing stigma around early in-person and absentee voting, it's essential for the RNC to figure out ways to tackle this problem ahead of this year's elections. There is, I think, a realization on the part of some, that they had better begin to do the things that progressives and Democrats are doing to turn out the vote if they want to carry the 2024 election.

The GOP spends a lot more money on voters who wait until the last day — Election Day — to cast a ballot. We spend money to get each Republican voter to the polls. If they don't get out early, however, if we keep having to chase them, we keep having to phone them to nail down, to reach them, to try to get them out to vote, we're continuing to spend money over and over and over on the same voter.  If more core Republican voters cast their votes early, the party could use its resources on voters who might need more persuading. We want you to vote early, but why? Because we're able to target others as a result. And that's how we can change election results.

It’s very risky for the party to have so many voters planning to vote on one day. Sometimes things do happen on Election Day, and you can't vote. And in battleground states, just a few votes could make all the difference. To beat Joe Biden and the Democrats in 2024, we must ensure that Republicans bank as many votes as possible before Election Day. Because of the efforts to Protect Your Vote in 2022, grassroots Republicans like you should feel comfortable Banking Your Vote in 2024.





Chatham County Republicans acknowledge our God-given rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. To that end, we are dedicated to protecting the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the NC State Constitution.

We support the right to freedom of religion, speech and self-defense. We recognize that property rights and capitalism have improved the human condition. We support free and fair elections where every citizen entitled to vote gets one full vote and has confidence in the election process.

We support candidates who strive to uphold our platform of fostering job creationchampioning education excellencebalancing environmental stewardship with property rights and economic growth, and holding elected officials accountable to Chatham County residents.

We understand that sometimes compromise is needed to advance our vision of governance, but we expect our elected officials to keep their election promises to voters.



The Solution is You The CCGOP recognizes and believes the most important solutions to Chatham County challenges are local and not found in Raleigh and Washington.

 The CCGOP believes that we should:

  • Foster private-sector job creation
    • Align County resources to support a pro-job, pro-growth
    • Support existing businesses and attract new businesses through a competitive tax structure and reasonable regulations.
  • Champion education excellence with policies that put students first
    • Insist upon a “student success” focus from our school leaders.
    • Promote school choice to include charter, private, and home school expansion.
    • Leverage the community college system so that students have the skill sets to compete in today’s marketplace and for advancing in higher education.
  • Balance environmental stewardship with individual property rights and economic growth
    • Act as good stewards of Chatham’s natural resources while respecting its citizens, their personal liberty, their property rights, and their basic responsibility to provide for themselves and their families.
    • Make decisions based on objective information, scientific data, and moral values.
  • Hold elected officials accountable to Chatham County residents
    • Keep their election promises for a pro-job, pro-growth, pro-business County economy.
    • Manage taxpayers’ dollars responsibly and with fiscal prudence.
    • Execute governance that protects the freedom and independence of all constituents, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or creed.

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