Critical Race Theory meeting

Critical Race Theory in our Schools

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is slithering into our public schools, whether it is called that or goes by something else. 
  • CRT teaches that race is the main determinant of success in America. CRT promotes the idea that people should be categorized and judged based on their group identity instead of their individual character, behavior, and merit.
  • CRT undermines our American foundation that "all men are created equal". CRT proponents want to replace equal opportunity with equality of outcome regardless of effort.
Come learn how you can help remove CRT from our schools at our next Chatham GOP meeting: Tuesday, September 14 at the Pittsboro Community Building (65 Thompson St). North Carolina Republican Party Vice Chair Susan Mills will speak on CRT and education policy in North Carolina schools. Doors open at 6:30pm, with the program starting promptly at 7:00pm. We will have a short social hour after the presentation and meeting. Please RSVP at this link so we can plan on attendance.

Seven Months until Primary Election

Are you happy with how the County is run? Taxes OK? Are laws and regulations too much? Do you like the school district policies? If not, then DO something about it: run for office (or encourage your conservative neighbor to run for office). Several readers have expressed interest, but now is the time to act. Email [email protected]” if you want more information. You must announce your candidacy by December in order to be a candidate for the March Primary Election, so commit now!

August meeting recap

A huge thanks to everyone who was able to attend our August meeting at Best Foods Cafeteria in Siler City (great fried chicken!). We had a large turnout - I counted about 100 folks. I challenged everyone to six tasks:
  1. Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know
  2. Know the candidates and their positions for the 2022 elections
  3. Become a candidate, or help find good candidates for commissioner and school board
  4. Get involved with the local party - volunteer and donate your time and money
  5. Be aware of redistricting, and contact your representatives when needed
  6. Show you are an American patriot - fly your Stars and Stripes

Important Dates to Remember

Date Activity
Sep 6 Labor Day
Sep 14 Chatham GOP meeting at Pittsboro Community Center
Oct 09 NCGOP Sportsmen's Banquet
Nov 13 Reagan Day Dinner. Register as a sponsor at
Dec 04 NCGOP Hall of Fame Dinner
Dec 17 Last day to register as a Candidate
Mar 08 Primary Election Day


Here is a particularly important quote, given some of the recent actions by our federal, state and local governments:
‘Emergencies’ have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberty have been eroded.
― Friedrich Hayek
Exhaurire palude!

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