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    We have established our capacity to be elected, with the Presidency and majorities in both houses. Now we must reach out and establish our capacity to govern with problem solving for a nation; medical care; taxes; commerce; preventing unintended pregnancies. John Dykers.
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    Other than a guest speaker can we elaborate on what the convention entails ? Format, dress attire, schedule of events? We certainly could drum up more support and attendance if we knew more of what its about.
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    County Convention is on March 4th … and then Reagan Dinner @ Governors Club on March 25 … Busy month for the Chatham County Republican Party … Hope to see you at both events …
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    Siler City has two listings for GOP headquarters. Both are vacant. The democrats are well represented but where is the Republican HQ ?? Also someone stole every single Republican sign from the corner of rt 64 and Silk Hope rd. last night. WHY is there no contact numbers for any Republican party office in Chatham county? Just trying to get some yard signs posted and its become a wild goose chase.
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    I was looking for where to do early voting this site is very confusing … were do I find early voting?
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    Want to reserve two seats for the terrorist whisperer, but don’t know how
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    I don’t see anything on here about Heidi Cruz speaking.
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    HI John,
    Trying to sign up for the Convention but cannot find out where to do it.
    Tom Hauck