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  • commented 2017-09-15 18:04:59 -0400
    I just donated at one of the new contributor levels for the October 3rd event at the Barn at Fearrington. I encourage everyone to attend this fun upcoming event and contribute at one of the sponsorship levels! See you there.
  • commented 2017-08-11 11:22:04 -0400
    I would like to find a way to make it easier for citizens to know what is happening at the county commissioners meetings. I’d like to encourage citizens to be willing to contact them for feedback on issues that are important to them, as well as be able to know the results of critical votes, like rezoning or moratoriums on fracking, etc. Thanks.
  • commented 2017-06-30 11:19:59 -0400
  • commented 2017-03-16 10:44:42 -0400
    I am new to NC but a lifelong conservative and would like to get your emails about Republican events.

  • commented 2017-02-17 21:27:20 -0500
    You are cordially invites to the Spirit of America Rally to take place on the south lawn of the state capitol building Monday February 27, 2017 from 11:30am-1:00pm. This is a pro-Trump event showing support for our president and communities.
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  • commented 2016-11-08 09:20:42 -0500
    I signed up to volunteer last week have not heard back! I want to help at the polls if not too late. I can work all evening after 4.
  • commented 2016-11-05 12:13:09 -0400
    Been out of town. If any left over need the biggest trump sign you got got a place for it on 64 and Buckner Clark
  • commented 2016-10-30 10:50:53 -0400
    I am wanting to get a trump/pence yard sign.. where can I get one of these?
  • commented 2016-10-24 12:18:05 -0400
    114c commerce court Pittsboro is the last address I know of
  • commented 2016-10-24 12:03:55 -0400
    Does anyone know why there wasn’t a republican representative at the Earl Fitts polling location? Are we just going to hand over the county this election?
  • commented 2016-10-19 22:44:08 -0400
    Where can I pick up signs, buttons, etc?
  • commented 2016-10-14 12:20:36 -0400
    The Chad Adams Show is North Carolina’s only statewide conservative daily radio talk show. It is broadcasted live from 9am – 11am on Monday through Friday. You can get the show online, streaming and in select terrestrial markets.

    The Chad Adams Show keeps North Carolinians informed by letting them know what is happening in our state. Years ago dozens of reporters covered statewide news from the State Capital, now, there are only about 5 reporters in the press pool at the NC General Assembly. So much happens daily in Raleigh that people across the state simply do not hear about. This show is dedicated to keeping listeners informed about what is happening in North Carolina. The show features NC news makers, policy makers, political leaders from both parties, business leaders, and education leaders.

    Listen to the show live from 9am – 11am or in rebroadcast daily at:

    Download our streaming app from the Apple Store for your iPhone/iPad or from the Google Play store for your Android device. Search “The Chad Adams Show.”

    Also, you can watch the show live on our Facebook page starting at 9:05 am on weekday mornings. Search “The Chad Adams Show” on Facebook and like us to keep up with the show.
  • commented 2016-10-12 10:03:42 -0400
    What is the phone number to your office, and where can one register to vote in Siler City?
  • commented 2016-10-11 10:35:15 -0400
    We are volunteers at HQ but the placed is locked up
  • commented 2016-10-06 13:12:44 -0400
    I need help on judges. Who is good? Samatha Cabe or Sam Cooper and Lunsford long or Serri Murrell?
  • commented 2016-09-30 10:02:26 -0400
    Looking for a lawn sign. I know there is a location in Sanford. Is there one in Siler City?
  • commented 2016-08-31 19:34:51 -0400
  • commented 2016-07-27 20:09:36 -0400
    please add the e-mail: to your distribution
  • commented 2016-06-20 14:11:13 -0400
    I want two $100 Sponsorships for the BBQ and can not get this done on the web Site!!

    Can some one help??

    Bill Milholen
  • commented 2016-06-07 14:12:04 -0400
    Rezoning in Chatham County is a hot hot issue and we need Republican representation to stop this agregious assault on the private property rights of Chatham County residence. The majority of the Board of Commissioners are bent on selling out Chatham County unzoned land owners to pander to potential land developers. This is extreme government overreach into the privacy rights and liberty of the Citizens of Chatham County. We MUST force them to postpone their decision till after the November elections, so we can VOTE THEM OUT!
  • commented 2016-06-02 10:23:52 -0400
    I need to find out quickly who is heading up the opposition to the new zoning proposal for Chatham County. My property and neighbors properties are being rezoned, which will place unacceptable restrictions on my property use. There is a meeting June 6th which I plan to attend. We must stop this encroachment against our personal property and our liberty.
  • commented 2016-05-03 16:16:41 -0400
    About county delegate for chatham county
  • commented 2016-05-02 08:56:20 -0400
    Trump won north Carolina lets get behind him and win the white house and save the usa or many trump supporters will stay home and not vote
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  • commented 2016-03-10 20:19:11 -0500
    Where can we find a voters guide to compare Republican candidates for different positions?
  • commented 2016-02-16 10:51:56 -0500
    Who pray tell is responsible for this mess of a website? I am trying to buy two tickets to attend the convention. Can that be so hard? When I sign up I’m considered a “reaction” instead of an attendee? Then there is no place for the names of the registrants… The entire thing is a mess. I only care because I suspect it is dramatically impacting the number of people buying tickets in advance. I know I’m not going to until you fix this goofy mess.
  • commented 2016-02-01 11:46:20 -0500
    I want to find out how to register and vote in the primary as I am new to chadham county.
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