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Listen First

Back in June we worked with the Listen First project team and had a round table discussion with a cross section of younger voters.  

The objective was to demonstrate that voters with very different worldviews can listen to, and engage civilly, in a conversation with one another. We are committed to bringing people together particularly during these most divisive times by extreme organizations.

This provided an opportunity for the Chatham County Republican Party to discover and explore where younger voters are coming from on issues that matter to them.

The roundtable was held at the Pittsboro Community House.  The sessions were video taped and have been edited down to where we will now be presenting them on our UTUBE Channel. 

There are 5 video’s in the series and we hope you take the time to watch each one as they are released.

The First Video is: Role of Government: Listen First & Chatham County NC GOP.  Please click here to watch it.

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