Immoral Mondays

Republicans –

It is about time the truth comes out about Moral Mondays and why they are really trying to overturn North Carolina's voter ID law in court.

images-5.jpgToday, we're launching, a new website which exposes who is really behind this so-called 'movement' and the lawsuits challenging our common sense voter ID law. Be one of the first to see it by clicking here.

The truth is that the big out-of-state labor unions have been bankrolling Moral Mondays for years and paying for attacks against Governor McCrory and GOP-led policies. Last year, the leader of Moral Mondays even pocketed $20k from the big unions while pushing their agenda!


And the lawsuits in North Carolina and across the country challenging common-sense voter ID laws are spearheaded by none other than out-of-state billionaire George Soros and Hillary Clinton's campaign lawyer!

Trust me when I say, opposition to voter ID has nothing to do with race or civil rights like they say. It has everything to do with the big unions wanting to make it easier for Hillary Clinton, Roy Cooper and their union-funded allies on the ground to be able to cheat in our elections. 

In 2016, North Carolina will be the #1 battleground state in the country, and the big union bosses would like nothing more than to bus their union members to our state from Chicago and New York to vote in our elections. But they know that to do that and impose their radical, big government, pro-union agenda on North Carolina, they first have to defeat voter ID.

Team, we can't let that happen. Today, I was in Winston-Salem in front of the court house where they are challenging our law in court to respond to their union talking points and expose their smoke and mirror show for what it is. But now I need your help!

Visit right now and help us spread the truth!

 Yours in freedom,

 Hasan Harnett

NCGOP Chairman


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